The Struggle is Real Retreat: Creatives Edition


The Struggle is real for us creatives during this pandemic.

Our practice is affected. The future is uncertain. Bills are piling up. Life sucks. Zoom sucks. We need a break. Except we feel too guilty to take a break. So take a retreat instead =P (it's kind of like a break, but more productive).

A 4-chapter retreat designed for but not limited to: performers, theatre practitioners, producers, festival managers, curators, consultants, and art teachers, to figure your *bleep* out.



  • People to Vibe With
You are not alone! This isn't a lecture, it's a journey. This retreat isn't about experts throwing solutions at you, but about finding answers alongside other people going through similar struggles. Feel heard; share your experience, knowledge, and challenges and crowdsource ideas and solutions (or give them!)

  • (Head)Space to Do the Work
You want to do the work but it just feels like there's no time and no headspace. We'll hold the space together so you can dive deep to find the answers, directions, and make the plans you need to carry out. JUST DO IT. (Credit: Nike)

  • Tools for Your Process
We can't guarantee that you'll find your way at the end of the retreat. But that's not the point. The point is you now have frameworks that you can reuse over and over again to navigate future changes


CHAPTER 1: The World's Burning! (Or Is It?)

Share Exchange: Orientation
We start off with an orientation where we get to know each other and set our personal intentions and group intentions for the next 4 weeks

B&W Jam: Build Your Character
If life was a game, and you were a game character, how would you build out your character's job class and skill tree for the next level (read: future)?

• Set of personal intention for the course
• Character profile for your present and future self

CHAPTER 2: I'm a Shiny Authentic Unicorn

Share Exchange: Audience, fans, and friendship
Who is your audience? Where are they in digital space? We will explore how to communicate the value of your work to your digital audience and fans through building friendships

B&W Jam: Online Presence Map
Find out your audiences are online, and what actions you can take to reach them without feeling like you're killing yourself or selling your soul away.

• Audience personas
• Your digital presence and action list

CHAPTER 3: Digitize, Yes or No?

Share Exchange: Lenses of Digitization & Then Some
We will explore through the framework for lenses the ways can present our work and practice in the new normal: Digital, physical or "phygital".

B&W Jam: Looking Through The Lens
For the jam, we will practice using the lens-framework to figure out how we want to pivot our practice.

• The 'soul' of your work/practice
• A project idea or direction

CHAPTER 4: Launch Your Thing Thing

Share exchange: What is on your launch list?
In art, a piece of work is never truly 'finished' but having self-imposed 'finish-lines' is useful. So what should our new finish lines look like?

B&W Jam: Game Plan For Launch
Armed with clarity and answers from the share exchange session, we will use this final jam session to create our own 'launch game-plan' that you can start putting into action!

• Launch plan for your project
• A launch-ready check-list for your project

(BONUS!) CHAPTER 5: How Are You? (For Real)

Technical Check-In
Ran into problems? Crowd source ideas and solutions!

Emotional Check-In
We will come up with a criteria for launch and create a step-by-step launch plan for your project

Resource Open-Mic
Share resources and connect with people you'd like to work with

• Solutions to technical issues
• Check-in with your circle, be heard and supported
• Share useful resources and expertise

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Sep 18 - Oct 23, 2020
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2:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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UCU The Struggle is Real Retreat

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